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Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders
screening questionaire for depressive symptoms

(Arnau RC, Meagher MW, Norris MP, Bramson R (2001) Psychometric evaluation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with primary care medical patients.Health Psychol. 20:112-119)

 Note: The questions refer to how the patient felt during the preceeding two weeks. Your evaluation should be based on observed and reported behavior.
A. Evaluation questions

1. Depressed mood: Have you felt sad, low, down, depressed, or hopeless?

2. Loss of interest: Have you lost interest or pleasure in the things you usually like to do? Have you been as social as usual? Have you been less interested in interacting with others (family, co-workers)?

If answered yes to one or both of the above symptoms, continue...

B. Symptom questions

3. Sleep disturbance: Have you been sleeping much more than usual or had difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?

4. Appetite disturbance: Have you lost your appetite or had an unusual increase in appetite? Any cravings for junk food?

5. Loss of energy: Have you been feeling tired or having little energy?

6. Difficulty concentrating: Does your thinking seem slower or more confused than usual? Are you making more mistakes?

7. Feelings of worthlessness: Have you felt that you are a failure or that you let yourself or your family down? What are you looking forward to? Have you felt guilty about things that happened in your life?

8. Psychomotor retardation: Have you been moving or talking more slowly than usual? Have you felt agitated or on edge? Do you feel like you have to keep talking or moving all the time? (Also can be observed)

9. Suicidal thoughts (bored with life): Have you thought that you or your family would be better off if you were dead? Have you thought of killing yourself? Have you tried to hurt/kill yourself before? When? How many times? What did you do? Are you thinking of killing yourself? Do you have a plan? How will you do it? What stops you from acting on your thoughts?

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