On-line Depression Test
based on the DSM-IV and ICQ-10 diagnostic criteria and specially programmed for

This self-assessment depression test can help determine

whether you have signs and symptoms of depression

Disclaimer: This is a preliminary screening test for depressive symptoms. It does not replace, in any way, an evaluation or diagnosis by your doctor or qualified mental health professional. It is designed only to give a general idea about the presence of depressive symptoms that indicate the need to consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare provider.
This depression test is not appropriate for persons under age 18, persons with bipolar disorder, or persons with suicidal thoughts.

Persons with suicidal thoughts should immediately consult a physician or go to hospital emergency room.

How frequently have you experienced these symptoms in the last two weeks?

Not at all
Very often
Most of the time


Feeling down, sad or hopeless


Finding it hard to concentrate and make decisions


Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much


Feeling tired with low energy and speaking in a slow manner


Poor appetite or overeating


Feeling bad about yourself or that you are a failure


Low sex drive


Getting angry easily or lashing out at people without a valid reason?


Friends or family are concerned about you because of your sadness, pessimism or social withdrawal


Criticizing yourself about things you have done in the past?


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